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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get certified as referee?

The certification course can take as little as a few hours online.  Candidates 18+ will have to wait for a background check result before being certified.


Who can be a referee?

Anyone 13 years old or older and/or 18+ who can pass a background check and complete online class assignments.

How am I paid to referee?

As an independent contractor, how you are paid is different from club/league to club league.  You could be paid in cash on site, check, Venmo or bank transfer.  Ask your assignor before taking an assignment how you will be paid.


When creating an account in the Learning Center, what should I use to sign up with? 

When signing up in the Learning Center, please use your name exactly as it appears on your previous license and the email address associated with your referee information.

What about the uniform? 

ussf referee dress .png

Where can I buy my uniforms and gear and does it have to be official gear?

There are a few places to be referee gear.  Official Sports is the only place to buy official US Soccer referee gear. Other places also have referee gear but it is not US Soccer branded.  You can get by without official US Soccer branded gear for most Grassroots assignments. Once you upgade and and star recieving regional assignment, you should be wearing Official Sports US Soccer branded gear.


Is there a chance for promotion?

Yes.  There is an opportunity officiate higher level games.  Everyone starts off as a Grassroots referee.  Level upgrades have other requirements such as fitness and observation requirements.  Below is the referee pathway.

Ref Pathway.png
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